Punjab Public Relations


PRESS SECTION: This section arranges Press Conferences, Press briefings and Press Parties of media persons and keeps liaison with print & electronic media and photojournalists. The press section is entrusted with the work of issuing of daily press releases, photographs and video files regarding various events to the media. It also issues press accreditation cards to reporters and camerapersons and arranges other press related facilities for them. The section also gets 'spots' for TV and 'jingles' for radio made for projecting Punjab Government‘s achievements. The section also maintains a well-furnished press room for the accredited journalists at the Punjab Civil Secretariat, where the facilities of fax, telephone, computer and television etc. have been provided for the reporters. This section also handles issues pertaining to welfare of the Chandigarh based journalists that covers Punjab Government. This section also arranges hospitality for the press reporters and other media persons on the occasions of press conferences and press meets of the dignitaries of Punjab Government.

RESEARCH AND REFERENCE SECTION: Research and Reference section provides ready reference material for different publicity oriented activities and is an integral part of the functioning of this office. About 20 newspapers are scanned daily for news and hard copies of news clippings are prepared everyday and sent to Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister, Ministers, Chief Secretary and some Principal Secretaries/Secretaries. A system of e-media clipping is being introduced wherein these clippings will be uploaded on the Directorate's website and can be freely accessed by public.

LIBRARY SECTION: Under this section a library is being maintained, wherein reference books, periodicals and daily newspapers are kept.

ADVERTISEMENT SECTION: This section organizes the publicity of Punjab Government through advertisements in print, electronic and web media. Release orders of display and classified advertisements of various departments are issued on a day to day basis at DAVP rates. It may be noted that on the important occasions of State and national importance such as Gurupurbs, Special occasions, Independence Day, Republic Day, Gandhi Jayanti and New Year etc. Public awareness campaigns on relevant issues are also undertaken by the department and it issues advertisements to the empanelled print and electronic media.

PRODUCTION SECTION: Besides printing publicity literature, calendar, telephone diary and directory etc. this section also publishes booklets, brochures and posters from time to time pertaining to important achievements and the campaigns of Punjab Government. Monthly magazine 'Jagriti' in Punjabi & Hindi and 'Advance' in English is brought out by this section in collaboration with PunMedia, a society under DIPR, Punjab.

PHOTO SECTION: Photo section arranges photo coverage of functions and activities of various departments of the Government of Punjab and releases photos and video files to press and television channels for publicity. It also prepares photographs for exhibitions and photo albums. A plan in underway to digitalize all the photo-stock available with the Directorate.

FIELD SECTION:This section keeps liaison with department officers (DPROs/APROs) posted at various district headquarters for arranging publicity of dignitaries, commemoration days and special occasions.

EXHIBITION SECTION: This section organizes photo-exhibitions to highlight the policies and programmes of the Government and also puts up banners & hoardings for the information of general public on important issues. This section also presents the tableau of Government of Punjab for Republic Day parade every year.

Updated On: 06/20/2017 - 15:00